• Disinfection without chlorine, childhood without worries!

When a baby enters the family, both she and her parents discover a new, unknown world with lessons about unconditional love, creativity and many new experiences. At the heart of everything is the freedom to discover, to find out and to enjoy every second spent together.
Igienol supports freedom during games and expression, those from which children learn about the world around them. This is why our product range is especially designed to safely disinfect and clean the surfaces with which the little ones come into contact. Igienol products do not contain chlorine, being safe for surfaces and objects that children or their animal friends touch.
In addition, we have developed a range of antibacterial products, especially for the hygiene of your hands and your children’s hands!

Igienol Disinfectant is tested by Cantacuzino National Research and Development Institute for Microbiology-Immunology and by National Institute of Virology and is approved by the Ministry of Health. The product is used with confidence and recommended to moms by Dr. Ana Culcer – primary paediatrician-neonatologist, head of Neonatology Section of Bucharest Municipal Hospital.


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Where to find Igienol products


Free time is spent in the middle of your family, toghether with your beloved ones. We believe that quality time is very important, so we want to limit as much as possible the shopping time.
For parents who want to enjoy Igienol products, but do not wish to spend time in stores, eMAG.ro is a quick and easy way to place an order, and the products get home in just a few days.

Check out the promotions prepared for those who want to order online on eMAG.ro!


You can find Igienol Disinfectant at cleaning and home care products shelves in big supermarkets, and Igienol antibacterial soaps and antibacterial hand gel are waiting for you in the personal hygiene area.
You can discover Igienol products in the stores below:

  • Auchan
  • Carrefour
  • Cora
  • Kaufland
  • Mega Image
  • Metro
  • Penny
  • Profi
  • Real
  • Selgros

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Special Activations

  • Maternities Action

    The first moments for a young mother are incredibly important, and we want to be near them. Thus, we are present in the Romanian maternities offering young parents a kit with different products, helping them disinfect the baby’s room and assuring them a safe environment for their first days as a family.

  • World Class

    We support sports and a healthy lifestyle. If you attend World Class sports halls, you can find Igienol products that will help you when cleaning and disinfecting the equipment or surfaces used in gym exercises.

Small guide on disinfection

Where do most of the germs hide in your house? 5 places and objects which will surprise you

We care

  • We care

    We strongly believe that we are happy and we enjoy our day to day life when we are healthy and strong, and for this it is very important to wash our hands with water and soap, to make sure we always have clean hands and to efficiently disinfect the surfaces, objects and clothes from our …

  • School activity

    We are happily supporting educational activities for children. One example is our participation within an informative campaign named “STOP! Did you wash your hands? The health is in your hands”. During this event, Igienol soaps and antibacterial gel were shared in schools and kindergartens all over Bucharest, and kids learned once again how important it …

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